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Harnessing Crowds: Mapping the Genome of Collective Intelligence

This paper proposes an interesting reading grid for how Open Integrity positions itself in terms of a participative effort.


In the question of "who?" the paper proposes Hierarchy and Crowd as possible "Genes". In that sense Open Integrity is both an expertise led effort - where community of practices are an organising principle - and a Crowd-led or open participation project in the sense that it doesn't enforce any control on who can participate and allows anonymous participation.

As a consequence there should be clear rules of engagement (including a meritocratic assignment of moderation roles) and an enforced code of conduct.


The question of incentives is one that we've been thinking about a lot. The question is posed for each of the potential participants in the OII effort which are:

In addition more broadly, in the Open Integrity Ecosystem we engage with the following stakeholders in interactions that also have participative and collective intelligence aspects:

We'll develop our thoughts progressively on incentives on this platform, and use the paper's "Genes" - Money, Love, Glory - as a grid to exercise our thinking.

What? How?

Again different part of Open Integrity have different approaches with regards to what the collective effort aims for. Broadly speaking:

In summary

OII Component Who Why What How
Initiative iilab mission leadership orchestration
Framework - Impact users/responders mission create - Report collection
Framework - Impact users/responders mission decide - Verify consensus
Framework - Impact users/responders mission decide - Analyse consensus
Framework - Practices experts love/glory? create - Practices collection
Framework - Practices experts love/glory? decide - Best consensus
Framework - Metrics "measurers" love/glory? create - Sources individual
Framework - Metrics "measurers" love/glory? create - Agents individual
Framework - Metrics iilab / advisors mission decide - Taxonomy consensus
Data developers glory/money create/update - Entries individual
Data reviewers love/glory? create/update - Entries individual
Data job seekers money create/update - Entries individual
Data reviewers love/glory? create - Claims individual
Data moderators love/glory? decide - Dispute consensus

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